Our Work

LGSEC’s Impact

The Local Government Sustainable Energy Coalition (LGSEC) works to enhance the role of local governments in California’s sustainable energy future by providing a collective voice for our members on statewide energy policy and programs.

Catalyzing Innovation

Since 2007, LGSEC has played a central role in developing local government programs including Community Choice Aggregation, Local Government Partnerships, and Regional Energy Networks. LGSEC continues to support this level of innovation through forums which initiate creative thinking, promote knowledge sharing, and coordinate widespread technical expertise to deepen the impact of local governments on statewide energy programs.


Shaping the Regulatory Agenda

LGSEC is the only organization who represents local governments’ energy and climate regulatory interests at the CPUC, CEC, CAISO, FERC, and ARB. We amplify the voice of local governments in regulatory proceedings and demonstrate the essential role of local governments play in program implementation and administration.

Connecting Local Energy Leaders

In strengthening the policy landscape and the programs that support sustainable energy innovations among local governments, LGSEC creates opportunities for agency staff and officials to network and learn from each other; to share resources via a newsletter and online communications; and to work together through mentoring and committee activities. We host regular Quarterly Meetings that allow members to stay informed and updated on the most current energy issues, share best practices on successful strategies and programs, and network with other leaders in the state. Sign up for our listserv to receive invitations to future quarterly meetings.


Developing Long-Term Strategies

Recognizing both the urgency of the need and the complexity of the solutions, LGSEC leads members in collaborating on long-term strategies – both individual and collective. Strategies that members are using include moderating energy demand through energy efficiency, increasing renewable energy production, developing innovative finance mechanisms, improving energy security and reliability and fostering community values that enhance well-being.