Clean Energy Regulatory Filings

Regulatory Filings

Net Energy Metering

Cap-and-Trade Auction Proceeds Investment Plan

Development of Distribution Resources Plans

California Solar Initiative, the Self-Generation Incentive Program and Other Distributed Generation Issues.

Renewable Energy

LGSEC members are developing renewable energy projects, many of them quite small. The LGSEC monitors the regulatory proceedings on renewable energy, of which there are many. We get involved on the key issues for local governments, for example Assembly Bill 2466 (codified as Section 2830 of the Public Utilities Code), which allows a local government to install a renewable energy system up to 1 MW at one site, and net the energy produced against energy usage at other municipal sites. We have also tracked the CPUC’s efforts to develop a workable feed-in tariff, a standard contract for renewable energy that has been very successful in Europe in significantly increasing the amount of renewable energy on the grid.

Government Agencies Involved in Energy Policy

CA Public Utilities Commission
Energy Efficiency Programs
Greenhouse Gas Standard (AB32)
Demand Response Rules
Critical Peak Pricing Rules
CA Solar Initiative
Distributed Generation Rules
Renewable Portfolio Standard
Community Choice Aggregation
Water/Energy Conservation
Utility Long-Term Procurement
Utility General Rate Cases
Direct Access Rules

CA Energy Commission
Demand Response Programs
CA Solar Initiative
Renewable Energy Programs
Distributed Generation Programs
Water/Energy Programs
Global Warming Solutions Act (AB32)

CA Air Resources Board
Global Warming Solutions Act (AB32)