Community Choice Aggregation

Regulatory Filings

In 2003, Assembly Bill 117 gave local governments the ability to purchase electricity on behalf of their constituents. Under community choice aggregation, investor-owned utilities continue to provide transmission and distribution service. Several local governments joined together in 2004 and 2005 in CPUC proceedings to implement AB 117. We successfully advocated for tariffs that recognize the key role for local governments in determining their community’s energy future. Our success helped us realize the value of local governments joining together, and led to the formation of the LGSEC in 2007.

Government Agencies Involved in Energy Policy

 CA Public Utilities Commission
Energy Efficiency Programs
Greenhouse Gas Standard (AB32)
Demand Response Rules
Critical Peak Pricing Rules
CA Solar Initiative
Distributed Generation Rules
Renewable Portfolio Standard
Community Choice Aggregation
Water/Energy Conservation
Utility Long-Term Procurement
Utility General Rate Cases
Direct Access Rules

CA Energy Commission
Demand Response Programs
CA Solar Initiative
Renewable Energy Programs
Distributed Generation Programs
Water/Energy Programs
Global Warming Solutions Act (AB32)

CA Air Resources Board
Global Warming Solutions Act (AB32)