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 Local Government Energy Programs Cheer Recent CPUC Decision

On May 31st, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) approved a number of key reforms to local government energy efficiency activities proposed by the Local Government Sustainable Energy Coalition (LGSEC), a coalition of the Local Government Commission (LGC). The CPUC ordered the four investor-owned utilities to undertake support for local government energy efficiency activities with special emphasis on Hard-to-Reach and Disadvantaged Communities.  The LGSEC proposals were included in the CPUC’s sweeping decision approving a nearly $1 billion in ratepayer funding annually for 2018 through 2025.

The CPUC approved LGSEC’s targeted improvements in Local Government Partnerships (LGPs) and other public sector programs.  Key changes in the final decision include:

  • Statewide access to customer energy use data by local governments while preserving individual customer data privacy;
  • Utility support for local government capacity building to enable public sector energy efficiency activities;
  • Measurement and reporting of co-benefits and local economic improvements provided by local government energy efficiency activities for Hard-to-Reach customers and in Disadvantaged Communities;
  • Statewide reform of LGP contracts to better recognize local government needs, create consistency and greater certainty in energy efficiency program implementation;>

Local government energy efficiency actions are critical to meeting the State’s ambitious SB350 goals of doubling energy efficiency in electricity and natural gas use statewide by 2030. Many local governments manage LGP programs with their local utility to reduce energy costs for their residents and themselves as part of climate action and integrated energy resource plans. These newly-adopted reforms will enable LGPs to deliver even better results for their communities and their utility partners.

The Ventura County Regional Energy Alliance’s Local Government Partnership with Southern California Edison and Southern California Gas Company has delivered numerous benefits to local governments, residents and businesses for 12 years. We welcome the CPUC’s decision to harmonize and improve our standard contracts.  We appreciate our utility partnership and think this will be a great way for us both to accomplish our goals.” – Alejandra Tellez, Program Director, County of Ventura

Local Governments across the state will have the same access to energy data now only available in Southern California. The approved, $2 Million allocation will enable the statewide deployment of the UCLA Energy Atlas.Local governments will be able to access energy data needed for energy and climate program planning, in an accessible and usable format that meets energy data privacy requirements.  The Energy Atlas also allows many local jurisdictions to design programs, measure greenhouse gas emissions reductions and develop meaningful climate action plans.

Association of Bay Area Governments/BayRegionalEnergyNetwork is very pleased to see the CPUC’s decision to expand the innovative Energy Atlas effort. We don’t have anything like it in PG&E’s service territory and could use our own version of the Energy Atlas to design and provide better energy programs for our constituents, as well as assist in climate action planning.”  – Jerry Lahr, Energy Programs Manager, Bay Area Metro

LGSEC members work together to make it easier for local governments in California to provide innovative, cost-effective and sustainable energy options for their communities.