Membership Discount Reciprocity Agreement

Many sustainability organizations (Regional Collaboratives, Coalitions, Networks, etc) rely on public agencies and other institutions for membership and revenue from dues. Dues pose challenges to the organizations in their ability to recruit and retain members, as well as to the prospective members in terms of limited budgets and competing priorities.

Organizations can recruit and retain more members by offering reciprocal membership benefits in the form of discounts.

Organizations that agree to Membership Reciprocity shall honor a 25% discount from their dues when entities seek multiple memberships. The discount can only be applied between two organizations. For example, if an entity seeks membership from a third Participating Organization, then only the 3rd Organization shall offer a discount.

The Membership Reciprocity Agreement is a universal agreement amongst all Participating Organizations (Organizations). Organizations must sign this agreement, acknowledging the terms and other Participating Organizations (Appendix C).


Organizations agree to:

  • Honor a 25% discount promotion to Entities wishing to seek multiple memberships from Participation Organizations, as listed in Appendix C
  • Be publicly listed as a Participating Organization
  • Provide the contact information for the Organization lead (such as Chair, Executive Director, Membership Director, Manager, etc.) and billing contact
  • Promote other Participating Organizations to current members
  • Offer Membership Reciprocity Applications to current and prospective members
  • Retain submitted Membership Reciprocity Applications for record keeping and tracking
  • Coordinate with Participating Organizations when invoicing and remitting dues for each applicable year

Please send any questions or completed applications to Garrett Wong at