Governing Board & Staff

Governing Board

Demian Hardman-Saldana (Chair)

Principal Planner | Contra Costa County, Dept. of Conservation & Development

Cory Downs (Vice Chair)

Sustainability Specialist | City of Chula Vista

Marc Costa

Director of Policy & Planning | The Energy Coalition

Courtney Kalashian

Executive Director | San Joaquin Valley Clean Energy Organization

Annie Secrest

Energy and Water Coordinator | County of San Luis Obispo

Ariana Vito

Senior Sustainability Analyst | City of Santa Monica

Alero Moju

Energy Sustainability Specialist | County of San Mateo

Amaury Berteaud

Sustainability Program Manager | Association of Monterey Bay Area Governments (AMBAG)

Daniel Soltero

Program Manager in Energy & Environmental Programs | Western Riverside Council of Governments (WRCOG)

J.Paul Harrington

Vice President | Solano Economic Development Corporation (EDC)

Marna Schwartz

Sustainability Coordinator | City of Berkeley

Alelia Parenteau

Sustainability & Resilience Director, Santa Barbara Clean Energy | City of Santa Barbara

Jane Elias

Energy Section Director | BayREN

Heather Allen

Sustainability Program Administrator | County of Ventura

Lujuana Medina

Environmental Initiatives Division Manager | County of Los Angeles

Staff and Contractors Supporting LGSEC

Steven Moss

LGSEC Regulatory Consultant | M.Cubed

Kelsey Wolf-Cloud

Project Manager | CivicWell

John Reid

Project Coordinator | CivicWell