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Local Energy Leadership, Now

Local Energy Leadership, Now Local governments are key to energy policy and program success. Many local governments are interested in reducing energy costs for their residents and their own operations. Many are also committed to advancing energy resilience through innovative programs or technologies. LGSEC members work together to make it easier for local governments in California to provide innovative, cost-effective and sustainable energy options for their communities. Whether your organization’s goals are to reduce costs, or provide innovative programs to meet energy, economic or environmental goals, the LGSEC can support your vision.

Since its inception 12 years ago, the Local Government Sustainable Energy Coalition (LGSEC) remains the only organization representing the interests of local governments before the California Public Utilizes Commission (CPUC).

Strength In Numbers

Our current members include 39 local governments, joint powers, councils of governments, associations, and non-profits representing:

  • 95% of California’s Senate Districts
  • 82% of California’s Assembly Districts
  • 58% of California’s energy consumption
  • 41% of California’s population

Thanks to our diverse and engaged member jurisdictions, LGSEC has helped local governments become more powerful and influential players in California energy policy. As a united force, LGSEC been instrumental in helping local governments transform their role in delivering sustainable energy solutions, resulting in the following achievements since 2010:

  • 2013 – 2016: 381 GWh electricity saved. $317 M in funding for Local Government Programs, Reduced 208,000 tons of C02
  • Increased collaboration and communication between local governments through 30+ Forums
  • Authority over local energy programming and/or procurement decisions for 13 Regional Programs
  • Collective visibility and voice at the state level with the CPUC, CEC, Air Resources Board & the Legislature

California has solidified its role as a global leader through decades of aggressive energy and climate policies and goals.

Local governments have unique characteristics that allow them to implement actions across all sectors that are necessary to achieving the State’s energy and climate goals. LGSEC regulatory engagement supports cities and counties, as well as special districts and municipal planning organizations in the many critical roles they play.

Join us and add your voice to our efforts

These actions require capacity, resources and inter-agency collaboration. We know first-hand that
there is more work to be done at the State level to pave the way for local governments to fully realize
their potential as energy and climate leaders. We work on behalf of local governments to establish
policies, practices, program opportunities, and funding mechanisms that leverage rather than limit
local government capabilities. LGSEC is the only organization representing the unique interests of local
governments to the CPUC and other key regulatory agencies. Participating in CPUC proceedings is a
costly proposition for any one organization, but together, LGSEC members ensure the voices of local
governments are heard.

By joining as an LGSEC member, your jurisdiction will access:

  • Expert representation before California regulatory agencies, including the CPUC, the Energy Commission, and the Air Resources Board, on critical energy and climate change issues
  • A voice in crafting proposed regulatory and legislative comments
  • Trusted and up-to-date analysis and alerts on the most relevant activity in sustainable energy policies, practices and funding opportunities to convene, network and collaborate with other local government sustainable energy and climate professionals as well as industry thought leaders

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