Regulatory Proceedings

LGSEC provides a voice for its members on crucial energy policy. Staff closely monitors proceedings of the California Public Utilities Commission, the California Energy Commission and the California Air Resources Board, and submits formal comments on issues that matter to the Coalition’s members. Our work ensures local governments have a regular presence with key regulatory agencies. When state laws and policies are converted into specific regulations and programs, LGSEC is there to provide a local government perspective and identify emerging challenges.

Active Proceedings

View the proceedings LGSEC is actively engaged in and currently monitoring. Find descriptions, schedules, and engagement, including submitted comments, for each proceeding. Click on the proceeding name to expand details.
A. 21-12-009: Southern California Edison Building Electrification Programs

Through this Application, the CPUC aims to decide whether SCE’s proposed Building Electrification program is reasonable, including but not limited to funding sources, budget, and design and implementation; whether the cost recovery proposal and customer impacts of SCE’s proposed Building Electrification programs are reasonable; and whether SCE’s proposed Building Electrification programs help reach Environmental and Social Justice (ESJ) Communities, as defined in the Commission’s ESJ Action Plan, and safety goals.

Proceeding Schedule
Event Date
Application filed December 20, 2021
Protests / Responses Due January 20, 2022
Reply to Protests January 31, 2022
SCE-Scheduled Meet & Confer March 8, 2022
Pre-Hearing Conference (PHC) March 24, 2022
SCE hosts virtual meeting with parties to walkthrough SCE workpapers March 29, 2022
Scoping Memo Issued* April 5, 2022
Intervenor Testimony due: (6 weeks after scoping memo) May 17, 2022
SCE Rebuttal Testimony due (8 weeks after intervenor testimony) July 12, 2022
Deadline for Stipulations / Requests to limit hearings (2 weeks after previous deadline) July 26, 2022
Hearings held (if needed) (2 weeks after previous deadline) August 9, 2022
Concurrent Opening Briefs (4 weeks after end of hearings deadline) September 6, 2022
Concurrent Reply Briefs (3 weeks after opening briefs) September 27, 2022
Proposed Decision October 2022
Comments on Proposed Decision (20 days from the date of issuance) November 2022
Replies to Comments (5 days later) November 2022
Final Commission Decision
December 2022
R. 20-08-020: Net Energy Metering (NEM)

Icons made by Flat Icons from www.flaticon.comCustomers who install small solar, wind, biogas, and fuel cell generation facilities to serve all or a portion of onsite electricity needs are eligible for the state’s net metering program. NEM allows customers who generate their own energy (“customer-generators”) to serve their energy needs directly onsite and to receive a financial credit on their electric bills for any surplus energy fed back to their utility. Participation in the NEM does not limit a customer-generator’s eligibility for any other rebate, incentive, or credit provided by an electric utility. More than 90% of all megawatts (MW) of customer-sited solar capacity interconnected to the grid in the three large investor-owned (IOU) territories (PG&E, SCE, and SDG&E) in California are on NEM tariffs. R. 20-08-020 focuses on reforming the payment system through which photovoltaics developed by non-utilities are compensated.

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Proceeding Schedule
Event Date
Comments on Guiding Principles Received December 4, 2020
Reply Comments on Guiding Principles Received December 11, 2020
Proposed Decision on Guiding Principles Issued January 5, 2020
Issuance of NEM2 Lookback Study January 21, 2021
Workshop on E3 White Paper and Program Elements February 8, 2021
Decision on Guiding Principles Issued February 17, 2021
Party Proposals Served March 15, 2021
Workshop Presenting Party Proposals March 23-24
Second Workshop on Proposals April 22, 2021
Cost Effectiveness Analysis Results Provided to Parties May 28, 2021
Opening Testimony on Issues 2 -6 June 18, 2021
Rebuttal Testimony July 16, 2021
Evidentiary Hearing on Issues 3 – 6 July 26 – August 6, 2021
Completion of Settlement Talks August 27, 2021
Opening Briefs on Issues 2-6 August 31, 2021
Reply brief [matter submitted] September 14, 2021
Proposed Decision (PD) on successor to current main NEM
tariff and NEM tariff for fuel cells
[no later than December 13, 2021 (90 days after
reply briefs submission)]
Commission Decision [at least 30 days after PD]
Engagement Completed
R.18-07-006 Assessing The Affordability of Utility Service

Icons made by Flat Icons from www.flaticon.comPhase Three scope includes:

  • What actions, if any, should the Commission take to mitigate future increases in energy costs, rates and bills?
  • What actions, if any, should the Commission recommend other entities take to mitigate future increases in energy costs, rates and bills?

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Proceeding Schedule
Event Date
Amended Scoping Memo, Issued January 2022
Electric and Gas Rates En Banc, HoldFebruary/March 2022 February/March 2022
Ruling Soliciting Recommendations and Considerations on Proposed Strategies to Mitigate Energy Rate Increases, Issue March/April 2022
Party Recommendations, File and Serve May 2022
Workshop based on Party Recommendations and Considerations, Hold July 2022
Party Opening and Reply Comments on Recommendations, File and Serve August/September 2022
Staff Proposal on Recommended Strategies to Mitigate Energy Rate Increases, Issue Q1 2023
Workshop on Staff Proposal, Hold Q1 2023
Reply Comments on Staff Proposal, File and Serve Q2 2023
Phase 3 Proposed Decision, Issue Q2-Q3 2023
R. 20-08-022: Clean Energy Financing Options for Electricity and Natural Gas Customers

This proceeding focuses on identifying improvements and possible additions to existing means of financing energy management, efficiency, and electrification, DER, and microgrid investments. The proceeding could result in expanded access to energy financing measures by local governments and their residents.

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Proceeding Schedule
Amended Scoping Memo and revised schedule for new financing proposals, metrics, and evaluation strategies November 2021
Workshop(s) to receive public feedback to utilities’ initial high-level proposals addressing template Q1 2022
Proposals for clean energy financing programs filed and served by IOUs and other parties April 15, 2022
IOU-hosted community meetings on proposed clean energy financing options May 2022
Revisions to IOU proposals and IOU reports on community meeting feedback due June 15, 2022
Workshop(s) discussing metrics, reporting, and evaluation requirements Q2 2022
Workshop(s) for discussion of outstanding issues related to clean energy financing program proposals, if needed Q3 2022
Opening comments on IOU and party clean energy financing proposals due June 29, 2022
Deadline for parties to request evidentiary hearing June 29, 2022
Reply comments on IOU and party clean energy financing proposals due July 11, 2022
Proposed decision September 2022
Commission decision 30 days after issuance of PD
Engagement Completed
R. 21-06-017: Modernize the Electric Grid for a High Distributed Energy Resources Future

Proposed scope includes:

  • Should the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) investigate how to redefine electric distribution investor-owned utility (IOU) roles to accommodate a high DER future, limit market power, and ensure open access for DER providers and aggregators offering retail and wholesale grid services? If so, how?
  • How frequent should distribution planning consultations be and at what level of local government (e.g., city or county level)? What should be the scope of outreach, including to tribal governments?
  • Should Distribution Planning Process (DPP) outreach be coordinated and/or combined with associated community engagement activities (e.g., those required by the wildfire mitigation, de-energization, microgrids and resiliency, climate adaptation, and/or other proceedings)?
  • Should DPP outreach play a role in supporting development of community-scale DERs (i.e., DERs smaller than utility scale but significantly larger than typical single-customer residential DERs).

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Proceeding Schedule
Track 1: Distribution Planning Process and Data Improvements (Phase 1: Near-Term Actions)
Electrification Impacts Study Scope and Objectives Workshop 12/7/2021
Integration Capacity Analysis and Grid Needs Assessment Alignment and Utility Workplan Reports February 2022
Data Portals Improvement (Workshop, Focus Group) Q1 2022
Additional Guiding Questions and California Energy Commission Report Comments Q1 2022
Distribution Investment Deferral Framework Guidelines Q2 2022
Distribution Forecasting Working Group Workshop Q2 2022
Electrification Impacts Study and Workshop Q2 2022
Community Engagement Needs Assessment Scope and Objectives Workshop Q3 2022
Electrification Impacts Staff Proposal Q4 2022
Utility Integration Capacity Analysis Refinements 1st Annual Reports and Workshop Q4 2022
Deadline to Request Evidentiary Hearing for Track 1, Phase 1 issues November 30, 2022
Proposed Decision (Phase 1) Q1 2023
Track 1 (Phase 2: Distribution Planning Process Improvement)
Community Engagement Needs Assessment Report and Workshop Q1 2024
Data Portals Improvement Technical Report Q2 2024
Distribution Planning Process Improvement Workshop Q2 2024
Deadline to request Evidentiary Hearing for Track 1, Phase 2 Issues July 31, 2024
DPP Guidelines Staff Proposal and Workshop Q3 2024
Proposed Decision (Phase 2) Q1 2025
Track 2: Distribution System Operator Roles and Responsibilities
White Paper and Workshop Q1 2022
Future Grid/Distribution System Operator Workshop Series Q2 and Q3 2022
Deadline to request Evidentiary Hearing for Track 2 issues April 30, 2023
Future Grid/Distribution System Operator Roles and Responsibilities Technical Report and En Banc Q3 2023
Proposed Decision Q4 2023
Track 3: Smarter Inverter Operationalization and Grid Modernization Planning (Phase 1: Smart Inverter Operationalization)
Smart Inverter Operationalization Working Group Workshop 1/25/2022
Smart Inverter Operationalization Working Group Q1 2022-Q1 2023
Deadline to request Evidentiary Heading for Track 3, Phase 1 issues January 31, 2023
Smart Inverter Operationalization Working Group Report Q1 2023
Smart Inverter Operationalization Staff Proposal and Workshop Q2 2023
Proposed Decision (Phase 1) Q3 2023
Track 3 (Phase 2: Grid Modernization Planning and Cost Recovery)
Deadline to request Evidentiary Hearing in Track 3, Phase 2 issues October 31, 2023
Grid Modernization Plan Improvement and General Rate Case Alignment Staff Proposal and Workshop Q1 2024
Proposed Decision (Phase 2) Q2 2024
Engagement Completed

Inactive Proceedings

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